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Perfectly Pinned Up | Atlanta Wedding Vendor Spotlight

November 20, 2017

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Perfectly Pinned Up | Atlanta Wedding Vendor Spotlight


After running across so many awesome vendors and also running across many Bride’s who are looking for recommendations, I decided to do my part to connect them all!  In this series, I’ll be showcasing some of the amazing talent Georgia has to offer when it comes to Wedding Vendors.  

Our first Wedding Vendor Spotlight is the lovely Samantha Seccuro of Perfectly Pinned Up!

Perfectly Pinned Up specializes in on location Hair & Airbrush Makeup for Weddings & Special Events!

“Samantha Seccuro is from McDonough, GA. She attended The Aveda Institute Atlanta right after graduating from high school. From there she went on to working in three different salons, before making the decision to focus on being a bridal hair/makeup artist. Balayage is another passion of her’s, that she continues to do during the week at Lisa Marie Salon, in the City of Hampton.”

I met Samantha at a recent Styled Shoot in McDonough, GA.  She was so sweet and professional and her work…well, let’s just say I was very impressed!  Read below to get to know Samantha and Perfectly Pinned Up!

Ashley:  Tell me a little about yourself?  Where are you from? Hobbies? Family life? Pet Peeves?

Samantha: I am 22 years old, from McDonough, GA. I LOVE Georgia Tech Football and if I don’t have a wedding to be at on a Saturday, I am with my dad and brother at the Georgia Tech game. I have a crazy dog that has become the spoiled baby of our family. One of my favorite things to do on my off days is to find breakfast/brunch spots in ATL and try them out with my boyfriend. My strangest but biggest pet peeve is someone leaving water on the floor after they shower! I mean seriously, dry off before you get out of the shower! lol

Ashley: What made you decide to become a Makeup Artist/ Hair Stylist?

Samantha: I grew up as a competitive cheerleader, so the glitz and glam was always a big part of my life. In high school, I would curl my hair almost every day and that caught on with all of my friends. That lead to me to doing everyone’s hair & makeup for prom….which eventually lead to my dream of going to cosmetology school. 

Ashley: Why is it important to hire a professional Make Up Artist & Hair Stylist for your Wedding? 

Samantha: It’s important to hire a professional HMUA for your wedding because this is a day that will be photographed & framed forever. You want to look like the absolute best version of yourself. Not only does a professional know how to highlight your best features, but having someone do the work for you, takes a huge amount of stress off of your shoulders.

Ashley:  Can you offer any advice to engaged ladies while looking for a Make Up Artist & Hair Stylist? Any particular questions they should ask or things they should pay attention to?

Samantha:  My biggest advice is to make sure you book a trial run appointment. Yes, they can be expensive but it is better to find out what you like/don’t like before your wedding day. So many women tell me they like certain shades, then when I try that shade of eye shadow or lipstick on them, they realize it may not be quite what they are wanting for their wedding day. A trial run helps me figure out exactly what the brides’ expectations are, ultimately making her feel calm and comforted knowing what she will look like on her big day. When looking for an artist for your wedding day, ask to see their portfolio. A well rounded artist will be able to create a large variety of styles, but each artist has their own flare to their work. Ask questions about what kind of foundation they use, if false lashes are included in their makeup service price. Decide if you are willing to go to a stylists’ salon or if you need someone who will travel to you. If you want an artist to travel to you be prepaired to be charged for their traveling expenses. Always ask for some sort of contract to be signed. Horror stories happen on both sides; brides’ cancel on artists without telling them & artists no-show on the wedding day all the time. A drawn out contract will ensure that both the bride and artist are serious about the wedding day services. 

Ashley: When should a Makeup Artist /Hair Stylist be hired?

Samantha: I recommend looking for an artist 8-10 months before the wedding day. This will give you time to book a trial run appointment and try out a couple of different artists if needed.

Ashley: How long have you been a Makeup Artist/ Hair Stylist?

Samantha: I have been a hairstylist for 4 years and a makeup artist for 2 years. 

Ashley:  What’s the best part about working with Brides?

Samantha: Everyone says “Oh I bet you have to deal with a lot of Bridezilla’s”…. but the truth is, a bride’s Wedding Day is one of the most exciting days of her life! All of our brides are always so happy & in very good spirits. I can always feel the love & energy coming from their family/friends as we get them ready. It is fun to be with them the first part of their wedding day because you see everyone finally sitting down & relaxing while we do all of the work!

Ashley:  Any well known clients?  Any well known people you would love to work with?

Samantha:  I have no well known clients and I don’t so much care to do any well known brides… What I would be more excited about is getting to do hair and makeup for a wedding in a well known place, such as California, Mexico, somewhere tropical for sure!

Ashley:  Any Makeup or hair trends you wish would go away?

Samantha: I don’t so much wish ‘contouring’ would go away but I wish more people understood that having your face contoured isn’t always going to be best for your wedding day. You don’t want to walk down the aisle and have people thinking “who is that girl?”, “she looks nothing like herself.” I try to accentuate my clients best features, not give them features that don’t exist naturally on their face. The trend to look unlike yourself isn’t for me and I think that’s a big part of why my brides choose me as their hair and makeup artist. 

Ashley:  Describe your favorite style for weddings?  Romantic? Fun? Traditional or Non Traditional? 

Samantha:  My favorite hair and makeup style for weddings would have to be a mixture between soft-romantic and bohemian. I love gold makeup tones with big braids in the hair. Everyone in Georgia wants a fall wedding so I have really grown to love darker colors for bridesmaids dresses and wedding decor. My favorite wedding pictures were from a rainy, cool, fall wedding we did for a group of 9 girls. The mixture of fall trees and a dark sky was so gorgeous with the girls purple & burgundy dresses! 

Ashley: How far in advance should a bride schedule a hair & makeup trial?

Samantha: A trial should be 4-6 months before the wedding date. I always tell my brides to schedule the trial run on a day such as your engagement photo session so you can wear the makeup, see how it photographs, and get your fiance’s opinion. He’s the one marrying you, so he will be honest and tell you if you still look like yourself or not! 

Ashley: How do you ensure your clients will have the best experience with your business?

Samantha: I communicate with my clients as much as I possibly can before their wedding day. I always tell the bridal party to not let us leave the venue without making sure every service was done perfectly. I always give brides my cell phone number and tell them to call me any day/time leading up to their wedding day. I probably give them too much information but I would rather someone know too much about our business than to feel like they don’t know us at all. After doing someone’s wedding, we leave with our bridal parties’ feeling like they had close friends doing their hair and makeup. I never want someone to feel like I am a stranger and I hope to make my clients comfortable enough to share any/all concerns about their wedding day with me! 

Ashley: Anything else you’d like to share?

Samantha: Always be honest with your hair and makeup artist, this is your day and you deserve to look & feel your absolute best! A hair/makeup artist that loves her/his job will go the extra mile to make sure you are happy!

Interested in learning more about Perfectly Pinned Up or booking them for your upcoming wedding?  You can reach them using the information below:




Instagram: @perfectlypinnedup_ 

Hashtag #perfectlypinnedup


Happy Planning!!!

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  1. Kelsey Patterson says:

    LOVE the post and I am so thankful to be featured on your blog! – Samantha

  2. Kim Seccuro says:

    These ladies do a fabulous job! You won’t be disappointed.

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