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Prettiest Problem | Atlanta Wedding Vendor Spotlight

January 11, 2018

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For the next installment of my Wedding Vendor Spotlight Series, I’ve featured yet another amazing makeup artist, Me’Chele Daves of Prettiest Problem!!

I had the pleasure of meeting Me’Chele at a wedding this past October.  I’VE FALLEN IN LOVE with her work ever since.  Her personality is so warm and her work is immaculate!  My jaw literally drops looking at before and afters as I stalk her Instagram page! (Click Here)

Interested in finding out more about her?  Keep reading below!

A:  Tell me a little about yourself?  Where are you from? Hobbies? Family life? Pet Peeves?

M:  I’m originally from Brooklyn, NY. Moved to GA for college and to be closer to my dad. I went to college for Finance and beauty was my personal hobby. I taught myself to do my own makeup by way of YouTube the Millennials’ college. I have a knack for studying details and I can get a little OCD which really works in this industry. I am recently married to the love of my life and we are raising 3 beautiful children together. I am a total people person and I absolutely LOVE meeting and getting to know new people. One of my pet peeves is when people are close minded and another is tardiness. 

A:  What made you decide to become a Makeup Artist?

M:  As a young girl I was always attracted to beauty. My most memorable gift from my mom was a professional mannequin head and a box of hair supplies. I forget how old I was, but I couldn’t have been older than 12. I would do tons of braiding styles and take pictures of my work. My first job was working in a salon at 13 washing hair for a close family friend who was like an aunt to me. I went to college and would install my friend’s extensions. As I got older, I took a liking to makeup and I would watch hours and hours of YouTube tutorials and I would practice on myself. One of my coworkers at the time would always compliment me on how good my makeup looked, even though I look back now and see how far I’ve come. She told me that when she got married, I would do her wedding makeup. Sure enough, when she got engaged, I did her makeup for her engagement photos. Her reaction when she saw herself after I was done was priceless and I never forgot how I felt to be able to give her that feeling in that moment. She later hired me to do her wedding makeup. She was my first real client and the rest is history.


A:Why is it important to hire a professional Make Up Artist for your Wedding?

M:  I believe it is a personal preference to hire a professional makeup artist for your wedding day. Having your makeup professionally done is not a necessity, it is a luxury; an experience. Your wedding day should be a day of experiences that you will never forget. In that respect, it is a good investment to hire an artist to help you look your best in your wedding photos as the photos will be something that you will cherish for years to come. It is also important to have a trial to get a general feeling for your artist and build a rapport before your actual wedding day. I think it is imperative to have all good vibes surrounding you on your wedding day!


A:  Can you offer any advice to engaged ladies while looking for a Make Up Artist? Any particular questions they should ask or things they should pay attention to?

M:  Your wedding day is all about you! Again, I think it is important to vibe well with your artist. I think all interactions should be paid attention to. How promptly does the artist respond to inquiries? Do you feel this is a personal interaction or you are getting generic/dry responses? Do you feel like the artist is truly excited to be a part of your day? Is the artist flexible? Is the artist open to critique or changing the look during the trial if you are not satisfied? Do you feel a genuine connection with the artist during your trial? All of these things are important and are indicators on how well the outcome will be on the big day. 


A:  When should a Makeup Artist be hired?

M:  I would say you should plan to hire a makeup artist at least 2 months out from your big day. If you are getting married during wedding season, I would suggest booking an artist 4-6 months out. Some artists are very busy and their weekends book up pretty quickly. 


A:  How long have you been a Makeup Artist?

M:  I have been freelancing for about 5 years.


A:  What’s the best part about working with Brides?

M:  I think the best part about working with anyone is seeing how happy they are when you are done. You can immediately see the boost of confidence and that is truly why I love makeup.  


A:  Any well known clients?

M:  My most well known client was the lovely Miss Shirley Murdock. I worked a play she starred in and I was hired to do her makeup. Other than that, my clientele is the everyday woman. 


A:  Any Makeup trends you wish would go away?

M:  I feel like makeup is a form of self expression and people have the right to express themselves however they feel comfortable. The two things I cringe at the most are thick, solid eyelashes and the halo over the eyebrows from concealer that is too light. Oh and using the wrong foundation color is just bad planning. Lol


A:Describe your favorite style of weddings?  Romantic? Fun? Traditional or Non Traditional? Large or Intimate?

M:  I have done a few elopements and I think those are really awesome. The stress is really minimal and the atmosphere is really romantic and calm in nature. 


A:  How do you ensure your clients will have the best experience with your business?

M:  I take great pride in all of my work. I have a great attitude and I am a woman of my word which is #1 on my list. I am on time, I am professional, I will make you look and feel amazing and I love to do it. It shows in my work and all of my clients leave my chair happy and confident. I am also very open to critique. I always say this is your face, so you are the boss! I truly want my clients to be happy.


A:  How far in advance should a bride schedule a makeup trial?

M:  I hate wasting makeup, so I always suggest scheduling the trial when you have something else to do that day; engagement photos, bridal shower, etc. 


Interested in seeing more of Me’Chele’s work or booking her for your wedding?  Find her latest work on YouTube, Instagram and using the hashtag #prettiestproblem


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