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Demystifying Date Night

July 13, 2018

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I know everyone tells you to keep dating once you get married, but sometimes, you run out of ideas on fun things to do with your spouse!  My Husband and I have been married for almost 9 years and after a while, we got tired of the same ol thing as well….

I’ve complied a quick little list below to give you some ideas of fun things to consider in Atlanta when planning your next Date Night.  Thank me later by booking me for your Maternity Portraits…

  1. High Museum of Art– I’m not sure why people sleep on this GEM in Downtown Atlanta!  Friday Nights at the High Museum are EVERYTHING!!  From First Friday fun with drinks, drop in art making (sketching live, clothed models), live performances and LOTS of mingling to Friday Jazz Nights every 3rd Friday of each month, the High does not disappoint.  Did I mention all the Friday Night fun is FREE with museum admission?  Most of the fun is from 6pm – 10pm.   Head on over to purchase your tickets now!
  2. WhirleyBall Atlanta – This right here is one of my Husband & I’s all-time favorite date nights to do with our group of old married people.  Think Bumper Cars, Basketball, Hockey & Lacrosse all combined!  Gather a group of at least 10 people, or 5 of your favorite couples, and have a little Husbands vs. Wives fun!  You have to make reservations in advance however the courts are open til 2am for my night owls. It’s a lot of fun, and Ladies, it may help you let out some aggression when your Husband has missed the laundry basket with his socks for the 5th time this week : ) “Eat. Drink. Bump”
  3. Visit a Comedy Club – Need a night to take your mind of the stresses of life?  Kick back at one of the many comedy Clubs Atlanta has to offer.  This one takes a little forethought as you’ll need to check the schedules to see who they have on the roster.  Many clubs have email lists you can sign up for to keep you abreast of who coming and when.  My favorite comedy club in Atlanta is Uptown Comedy Corner however there are a ton of greats like The Atlanta Comedy Theater & The Punchline.
  4. Catch a Stage Play – This one will take a little forethought as well but Atlanta has so much to offer in this department.  Whether is a show at The Fox Theater, The Southwest Arts Center, The Alliance Theatre, The Rialto, The Horizon Theater Company & more.  My Husband and I have seen some really great shows and it’s become almost a Fall staple on our house to catch a few stage plays as they come to town!
  5. Dinner & A Movie – Yeah I said it.  This one is for those who haven’t had a date night in a while.  Sometimes, old faithful does the trick.  Kick it up a notch by checking out Cinebistro, a luxury dinner & a movie experience!

So now that you have some ideas, here are a few ways to LEVEL UP your date night experience…

  1. Fellas, make ALL the plans.  If you have children, even go so far as to secure the babysitter.  It will give her one less thing to worry about which gives her more time to focus on YOU!
  2. Ladies, make the date all about him!  You can check out a basketball game when his FAVORITE NBA Team or Player is in town, make Date Night on a Monday and take him to the Atlanta Falcons Monday Night Football game on October 22, 2018 vs. the Giants. (If he’s a good man, he loves the Falcons) or take him to a concert to hear his FAVORITE Performer.
  3. DRESS UP!  Sometimes just the act of getting dolled up makes the date feel more OFFICIAL.  Ladies, throw on that number he likes, and Fellas, a nice Blazer goes a looong way….
  4. Want to really wow your partner? Turn Date Night into Date Weekend!  Get a room at one of the MANY wonderful hotels Atlanta has to offer and make it a stay-cation you BOTH could use!
  5. LISTEN, then ACT!  For example, if your partner has been talking about how overworked and stressed they are, plan a date night at Spa for a Couples Massage!  Strapped for cash? Bring the spa to your home!!  Get some oil, candles, turn on the “Native American Flute” station on Pandora and create your very own at home spa experience.  Nothing is more flattering or romantic than for your partner to do something that shows they’ve been listening and attentive to your needs!
  6. Don’t want to be the designated driver while you are out?  Lyft is always there but what about renting a limo or another chauffeured luxury vehicle???  Hear me out LOL…For my Husband’s Birthday one year, I planned a simple dinner out with family.  The restaurant was nothing special but to add a little flavor to the evening, I told him I was ready and would be waiting for him in the car outside.  Imagine his surprise when he came outside to see he was riding in a Limo.  INSTANT LEVEL UP!  It works…I’m telling ya’ll!!

Still need more ideas on how to demystify Date Night?  Check out AccessAtlanta!  It’s one of my secret weapons on what’s happening in Atlanta!  If you can’t find anything here, it may be time to consider moving…J/K 🙂

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  1. Menefee

    July 14th, 2018 at 2:58 am

    Great tips, thanks!

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