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How to Prepare for Your Engagement Session | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

August 24, 2018

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You already know just how important your Engagement Session is.  Making sure you are at your best can be a little stressful.  I’ve shared a few tips on how to prepare for your upcoming Engagement Session!  Check them out!

Call in the Professionals!

Now is the PERFECT time to get your makeup, hair, nails, lashes etc. done professionally!  This will do WONDERS for your confidence which is always a good thing when taking pictures! Ladies, I’m going to get a lot of shots of your hands so it’s off to the Nail Salon! Nails should be polished and manicured.  Don’t have time or the salon?  Press On Nails work some serious MAGIC!

Did you know: I provide all of my clients with a Style Guide to help them prep for their sessions! If you are my client, check out the ANP Client Suite to grab your copy!


Let’s talk WARDROBE!

Most of my couples have two outfits for their session, one that is formal/dressy and one that’s more casual. Stripes & patterns draw attention away from your face, so I like to tell my couples to stick to solid colors.  Ladies, if you want the romance to be all up and through your images, long, flowy dresses are your go to!  They photograph SO WELL!  In regards to colors you choose, I think neutrals are best. Of course take into consideration the location of your session.  If the background is very light or white, then a nice pop of color against it would look phenomenal!  The best advice I can give would be to try to COORDINATE instead of match.  Also, don’t forget to accessorize!  Have a piece that’s sentimental?  Wear it! Statement jewelry, scarves, hats and colored shoes photograph incredibly well but don’t go overboard!   Speaking of shoes ladies… heels or wedges only please! (Bring flats if our location will involve a lot of walking)  Heels help to correct our posture, add muscle definition to our legs and just make you feel a little daintier.  I do want to reinforce one thing:  Don’t try to reinvent the wheel!  If you have a classic style, stick to that.  If you are trying to be someone you are not, it will translate negatively on camera.  You want to be comfortable, feel beautiful and look like yourself in your images!

Tip: Ladies, check out Rent the Runway, Windsor & Lulus for GORGEOUS dresses to wear for your session!

Relax & Trust Me!

Don’t worry! I don’t expect you to be a professional model. I work with normal couples and I know how nervous you can be! I also know how to make you both feel most comfortable and look great! I may see something you don’t see in regards to the scene so trust my direction and have a great time loving on your fiancé. Again I say, TRUST ME, and allow me to be creative and you’ll have some amazing images to show for it!!


A Little Prep Work goes a LONG WAY!

Getting your entire look together for your Engagement Session the night before is not going to give you the calm, warm, loving & fun vibe you generally want for you images.  I can guarantee if you are frantically trying to figure things out the day before or the day of, the lack of planning is going to show through in your mood in your portraits.  Do yourself a favor:  PLAN AHEAD!  Start looking for wardrobe options early!  Once your session is scheduled with me, book your hair/makeup appointments as many times, your favorite stylist or artist books rather quickly. Also, if you are choosing an outfit you already own, try it on to make sure it still fits the way you’d like and doesn’t need any alterations.

Did you know: I also provide all of my clients with a Portrait Session Prep Checklist to help them make sure they are prepared for their sessions! If you are my client, check out the ANP Client Suite to grab your copy!

Timeliness is next to Godliness

I completely made that up but this is so important! I am a Natural Light Photographer and prefer to schedule my Engagement Sessions either early morning of early evening.  What this means is that I am dependent on the sun to light the images I create. If you are late for your session, the sun will not wait on you LOL!  it will either get really hot or really dark.  If it’s an evening session, we will lose that amount of time during your session due to the lack of light. Now I primarily shoot couples in the Atlanta area so I know firsthand what HEADACHE Atlanta traffic can be.  Of course I understand that things happen and sometimes things really are out of our control, but try to do what you can to ensure that you won’t miss out on valuable shooting time during your session.

Tip:  Download the Waze app.  You can plug in what time you need to be at your session and it will alert you to the time you need to leave your house based on current traffic conditions!

Now that you have a few key tips…

Interested in booking an Engagement Session with me?  CONTACT ME and let the fun begin!

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