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Vendor Spotlight Series | So Chevon | Atlanta MUA

January 30, 2019

This installment of my Vendor Spotlight Series is one of my FAVS!  I’ve known Dominique since our days as collegiate students at Georgia State University.  Her warm, fun and refreshing personality matched with her STELLAR work makes her the perfect choice for your Bridal  or Portrait MUA! I’ve personally used Dominique several times when I needed a MUA and each time, my makeup has been impeccable! I SERIOUSLY CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF HER & HER WORK!

Read on to learn more about Dominique, FABULOUS owner of SoChevon!


Atlanta based MUA, Dominique Doyle is a combination of creativity, wittiness and intelligence. As a MUA she is known for employing her artistic edge to accentuate a person’s features and enhance the natural beauty in all of her clients. Born in Brooklyn, New York to Trinidadian parents, Dominique’s a natural artist and nearly a decade ago she transitioned from painting canvases to faces. Dominique is a respected Make up artist in the entertainment industry working on reality TV Shows to include VH1’s Love and Hip Hop ATL, TV One’s R&B Divas and Bravo’s Married to Medicine. Her creativity spans beyond just make up as Dominique has been featured in Huffington Post Comedy, VIBE VIXEN and other well-known blogs for her hilarious YouTube parodies on The Kardashians, Being Mary Jane and of course everyone’s favorite Beyoncé. Although, Dominique loves painting faces and making people laugh she has a passion for sexual health education and working with young people. Dominique is a former Senior Health Educator at Planned Parenthood Southeast; she coordinated the award-winning Teen Action Group (TAG) program, a peer-to-peer lead Teen Pregnancy/STI prevention program. She has worked in health education for over eight years, teaching on a variety of health-related subjects, including sexual and reproductive health, contraception, healthy relationships, teen pregnancy, STI and HIV prevention, and more. After six years of working for this large non-profit, Dominique decided to step out on faith and use all her skills to work for herself.  Dominique received her BA in Journalism and Marketing from Georgia State University and her Masters in Health Administration from Clayton State University.

Dominique enjoys painting, cooking,creating memories with my friends and family, and traveling when i have the chance.  Currently she’s a bachelorette with no kids who is enjoying the dating life.  She’s definitely open and ready to settle down and start her own family.  In the meantime, she’s just preparing herself for the right one!  Some of her Pet Peeves are:

  • Tardiness w/o notice.  I know things happen and people run late ( I run late) but if you know you’re gonna be late just let me know…ahead of time.
  • People who do not put on their signal before changing lanes
  • Someone who always makes every situation about them, when it has absolutely nothing to do with them
  • When someone is always trying to correct you to be politically correct and starts their sentences with “Technically it’s…… (let me live a little)


What made you decide to become a Makeup Artist?

Make-up has always been a hobby for me starting back when I was in college.  It really began as a favor for a friend and then spiraled from there. The moment I truly decided to become a makeup artist was actually not my decision. I was laid off from what I thought was a secure position as a Senior Health Educator  for a large non-profit which I have worked with for 7 years due to funding issues. I believe God closed one door to open another, if it was completely up to me I probably would choose security, have a comforting job with benefits, a retirement plan and paid vacation but He saw something different for me. And I love it! It’s always been my passion to make women feel and look beautiful. For me it’s never been just about make-up but it’s about providing women with an outlet to express their style and confidence through enhancing their beauty. The act of doing make-up is actually therapeutic and I love being able to provide that safe space for the women  who I’ve had the honor to work with over the years.



Why is it important to hire a professional Make Up Artist for your Wedding?

Oh my goodness! I can’t stress enough how important it is to hire a professional! Brides must remember these pictures will last forever! You’re entire look will make or break wedding photos. Think about a time you went out with some friends or on a date and your makeup was not on point.  You look back at those pictures and wish you would’ve gotten your makeup done or changed your hair and now you don’t post any of your pictures. Well that was just a night out with your friends but imagine feeling that way about your entire wedding album! Don’t skip out on hiring a professional makeup artist for your special events. Plus a professional makeup artist will make this an entire experience and hopefully help to alleviate some stress. It won’t just be about a pretty face but throughout the entire process they will provide a memorable experience for you and your bridal party which will make your big day even more special.



Can you offer any advice to engaged ladies while looking for a Make Up Artist? Any particular questions they should ask or things they should pay attention to?

When looking for professional makeup artist inquire about before and after pictures, make sure they’re familiar working with various skin types and tones, and that they can provide the look you want within a reasonable amount of time (45 mins per person is pretty good).  You also want to make sure your makeup artist provides you with a contract so everyone is on the same page. The contract should include information on location, time of arrival, amount of people getting their makeup done, allergies, the fee agreed upon in addition to any extra fees to include parking, travel, touch ups Etc among other important factors. Don’t limit yourself to a makeup artist who works with a particular type of makeup because that does not measure their skill set. Be open to an artist who works with a variety of different brands. One very important factor to take into consideration is timeliness. You don’t want to make up artist who is going to be running late to your wedding or cancel on you last minute. Typically you’ll get the right vibe at your consultation, which is a must. Also make sure they listen to your desired look and be open to any suggestions ( they are the professional and if you get the right one they will have your best interest at heart).

When should a Makeup Artist be hired?

You want to secure your makeup artist as soon as possible because if they’re good they get booked fast. I would suggest securing a makeup artist at least 4-6 months in advance. However if you can do it a year in advance take advantage of it.


How long have you been a Makeup Artist?

I’ve been doing makeup for over 10 years now because I did get my start in college as a hobby. However I have been working as a Full-time Freelance MUA  for 3 years now.

Any well known clients?

I have worked with a few reality celebrity clients here in Atlanta to include Dr. Simone, Dr. Heavenly, Dr. Contessa and Quad from Bravo’s Married to Medicine. I had the pleasure of working with the beautiful ladies of Sister Circle I’ve worked with some of Love & Hip Hop ladies, Ariane, Kalenna (from Diddy Dirty Money), and Karlie Red, Amara De Negra as well as R&B Diva Meelah (former lead singer of 702) and girl  group Junes Diary . I also do grooming for men and had the opportunity to work with R&B singers Llyod and Sammie as well as actors Julian Walker (from the film Black Bird) Tory Smith (from the Netflix series The Get Down) and Personality Kid Fury.


Any Makeup trends you wish would go away?

I really wish we would do away with glitter. It’s ok for costumes and carnival but it’s just too much for my style, (especially the glitter lips).


Describe your favorite style of weddings?  Romantic? Fun? Traditional or Non Traditional? Large or Intimate?

I love all weddings , but I’m definitely into the more intimate, detailed oriented &  fun weddings.

How far in advance should a bride schedule a makeup trial?

Depending on how far in advance you book your make up artist, I would suggest doing a trial 1-3 months prior to the wedding date. Typically I recommend using the trial for a bridal shower or engagement photos or a night out so you can get some wear out of it and possibly get feedback.

How do you ensure your clients will have the best experience with your business?

I pay attention to detail and make it personal for each bride from creating their special desired look to preparing a customized playlist for their big day while we prep (if they don’t already have one).  I’m always accessible and pretty flexible with my schedule. I also like to surprise them with a little gift on their Big Day!


What’s the best part about working with Brides?

I love working with brides because they are allowing me to play a major role in one of the best days of their lives.  When I’m doing their makeup I feel like their girlfriend, sometimes we laugh and sometimes tears are shed, but knowing I’m there to help ease nerves or offer a helping hand, makes our exchange so much more special.  The bride’s I typically work with truly appreciate natural beauty enhancement. I love when I do a consultation and they absolutely are amazed at how beautiful they look with the make-up while still looking like themselves. The relationship between a makeup artist and her bride is special and unlike any other relationship she may have with another vendor so it’s important to create the right energy.



If you enjoyed my interview with Dominique, leave a comment down below!  Also check her out using the links provided below!

IG: @Sochevon

FB: Sochevon or Chevon Dominique

Youtube: SoChevon Makeup


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