Mom Bosses Stand Up! I've Been Featured! | Atlanta Wedding & Lifestyle Portrait Photographer

Wife.  Mom of 3.  Entrepreneur.  Daughter.  Friend.  HUMAN.

Wearing these hats one at a time can be challenging, but to wear them all at once...YA'LL PRAY FOR ME!

The balancing act is real and HARD.  While I am SO THANKFUL for my blessings, I have a tendency to beat myself up when I can't do EVERYTHING I want to (It's a long extensive list with bullet points, exhibits, charts, pop up graphics, music and footnotes).    

What if I'm screwing my kids up?

What if I'm not the good wife I want to be?

What if I'm not as good a friend since I've opened up my business?

What if I fail? At Everything?

Thankfully, God sends external reminders to us that we aren't alone & that we are doing a good job.  

One of my more recent and PLEASANT reminders came from Selena, owner of Mothers On the Move!  Mother's On the Move is a place where Moms are motivated & celebrated.  A place where Mothers are uplifted and compelled to achieve their dreams while being real about the highs and lows of the journey. Selena shares her personal experience being a Mother On the Move and it is inspiring and real.  It's like a breath of fresh air for the Mom Boss! 

Recently, Selena reached out to me to ask if she could feature me for her Mom's Everyday interviews! 

I was floored! Someone who motivates me wants me to share how I make it all work?  REALLY? OK then!  

I'm thankful I got to share my real life experience, my routine to keep my household up and running,  and my advice to other Mom Bosses!

Check out my interview HERE!

Are you a Working Mom and need motivation, real life advice and a good laugh or three?  Check out Selena over at Mothers On The Move!!